5 Meals You Dont Want To Miss Out On Foodpanda


Foodpanda is an app that was solely developed to fill in the market gap and bring convenience to the life of its users. The app revolves around the concept of saving time and bringing ease to the life of its customers. At the same time, many of us are familiar with the vision and main idea of the app. For my avid readers who are not. Here is what the service provider has to offer.

Deliver From Renowned Restaurants

Ever get home and think that you just do not have the energy to cook food for yourself. Or are you tired of picking up take-outs? Many of us have a hard time deciding on which restaurant to order. This app seems to solve all the problems mentioned earlier at the expense of a couple of taps and some cash. 

Due to its quick delivery nature and a vast array of options depending on your live location, you can get access to the menus of all the types of restaurants in the neighborhood. All you need to do is register yourself to unlock these options. 

According to a survey conducted by real research media regarding the use of food delivery apps. 75% used these delivery apps to get something from the neighborhood from a sample size of three hundred thousand people. 42% of them preferred food delivery just because of the wide variety of options that comes with the app. More than half of the respondents use the app more than twice a week.

What makes the app so popular? Regardless of the convenience, it brings to their lives, the kind of cuisine options it delivers has been the source of fame for the service provider. From spicy basil mince meat dishes to KFC`s Mighty zinger, you can find them. Whatever is it you can think of? You can find it on the app.  

 Pad Kara Pao

There is no doubt about the popularity of Pad Kara Pao in Thailand. A dish made with chicken, pork, beef, seafood, tofu, fried rice, and basil. The dish is known to leave its consumers in awe every time they have a bite. The ground meat is soaked in spicy oil, with the holy basil deep-fried to leave the heavenly flavorful after taste in your mouth.  

The dish is equivalent to fast food among the locals and is relatively easy to carry around, refrigerated, and can be reheated if not finished in one sitting to be consumed the next day.

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Tom Kha Gai

Also known as coconut soup with chicken is a one-of-a-kind that experiments with different flavors to make a wholesome meal. The dish contains lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves which makes the dish rather fragrant, filling up your stomach with its frivolous fragrance and giving it just the right amount of sour taste. You can have it topped off with cilantro, adding a unique freshness to the food. If you are a fan of spicy food, you can always include adding chilies in the special comments box while ordering. Order right now and get 50% off on your first order by using the promo codes available at neverpayful.com.

Pad Thai

Pad thai, the national dish of Thailand as referred to by the prime minister, is quite synonymous with the customs and is popular among locals and foreigners who visit Thailand. A fusion of sweet and savory items, salty-sweet and nutty, is how one can describe pad thai—a treat for our taste buds. The dish usually is a mix of stir-fried noodles with vegetables and tofu or a meat of your preference, Garlic, chili pepper, and dried shrimp. You can always have the restaurant add peanuts, limes, and red chili pepper to make the dish even spicier and flavourful. 

Khanom Bueang (Sweet Thai Crepe)

They are also known as Thai Crispy pancakes, made purely of egg whites and sugars. It is one of the most famous street foods, and it looks like Mexican tacos yet taste quite the opposite of it. Some have said it to be a mix of sweet and crunchy Garlic. Foreigners might take some time to get used to it, whereas the dish is already popular among the locals. The food is quite famous on the delivery app, and you can get yours now at 50% off from top-rated restaurants.


Even though the coffee is not a whole meal, it seems to be running in the bloodstreams of the local population. The reason for its popularity is the unconventional way of making the rest of the world. It is made by roasting espresso beans on a pan over coals with tamarind seeds, butter, sugar, and kernels, then mixed with condensed milk which is generally added to make it as per the liking the taste of individuals. On food panda, you can find well over ten different types of coffee. 

Bubble Tea

Originally bubble tea was a Taiwanese drink; however, it has become quite the sensation among the locals of Thailand. It has become so popular that you can find over thirty different restaurants offering different innovations. The most common item used in the making is tea mixed with flavored milk and bubbles. The secret lies in the temperature of the drink. Often in restaurants, you can use fruit juices as well to get a more innovative and unique taste. You can use all the different kinds by utilizing the Foodpanda application. 

Even though these are the most popular food items on the application commonly used by individuals, it does not mean that your options of choices are limited to these six items. You can find almost anything, from pasta to pizza, on the popular service provider at a reasonable amount more than the restaurant. However, if you like to order food and still save some bucks off it, you can always access the promotional codes for food panda available at the neverpayful.com, which are regularly updated. If there is something else you would like me to add to the list, please let me know in the comments section.