7 Wardrobe Investment Pieces That Pay Dividends


We often find ourselves asking the very question of whether it is worth it or not? Many of us struggle to create a wardrobe and often fall victim to the trends that run out in no time—leaving us only a handful of clothes to wear. The key is to keep an eye out for fashion classics, aka timeless essentials or investment pieces. But where you can find such attire and accessories and how to shop wisely when it comes to investment pieces is still a question unanswered. 

What Are Investment Pieces?

The Lyst rankings have termed Versace, Balenciaga, Prada, and Gucci, among the most sought-after brands, and many influencers and social media celebrities are running after the newly introduced items in the shops. However, even with the mass influence of the popular crowd, there has still been a decline in the portion of income one spends on their clothing. 

In a research called "The Death of Clothing," Bloomberg stated that even with ever-growing economies, people would rather spend their money on eating out, traveling, and other relevant experiences than on clothing. As stated by the fashionistas, the reason for this decline is that the apparel industry has lost its meaning, and the appeal is made to the people. They are leading to people making less investment in attires. And the blurred lines between casual and work attire have only made it harder for people, eventually becoming equivalent to throwing your money down the drain.

Investment pieces exhibit traits of quality and versatility. These are optimum quality ensembles that will become a part of your wardrobe for years to come. While they might cost a bit more upfront, their cost per wear is significantly lower than purchasing a cheap piece of clothing. Not only are those attires not durable, but they do not deliver the required comfort and slickness. This means that it can save you money in the long run and time, all the more while creating a chic wardrobe. It`s a more sustainable way of shopping and eventually transforming your wardrobe into something you love and would like to wear over and over again, instead of donating to goodwill every six months.  

To create this list of timeless attires, I consulted several online shoppers and product reviewers, inquired my fashion-forward colleagues for their humble opinion, and added some items which I thought would increase the overall altitude of your wardrobe. Nonetheless, there are not any rules to shopping for timeless pieces except some handful of ones discussed earlier, But for those of you who are looking for inspiration, Here is what you should look out for:


Brazzers can be your go-to ensemble for corporate meetings, formal settings, and night events. Often made of durable clothing and classic jackets, it works well in most environments while satisfying your craving for a relaxed and pleasing appearance. A classic blazer in subtle color will never go out of style and can be paired with shirts, polos with jeans for a casual lunch, and oxford collar button-down shirts for an interview. And there aren`t any specific enhancements when it comes to specifically Brazzers, so a good one can easily last you over a decade.

A denim Jacket

It`s been 140 years since the existence of jean jackets, and it still serves as functional and stylish outerwear. A good denim jacket is made of durable material, perfect to be worn in summers and even in the fall for strolls down the city streets. It does not wrinkle nor take a beating and, with every use, gets better. It is becoming more personalized and unique. It has a significantly lower cost per wear than any other attire and is as timeless as a piece of clothing.

Versatile pants

While it might be true, the word denim comes to mind when you think of versatility. Denim pants are not the most versatile pieces of bottoms as they lack the sophistication for a formal setting. However, chinos, on the other hand, are made of comfortable and breathable fabric. It is the perfect middle ground between fancy dress pants and casual pieces of denim. However, you need to shop in the neutral color selection to make it an effortlessly timeless piece.

A Pair Of Iconic Sunglasses

Finding eyewear that compliments your facial features is a struggle in itself. While it can be super expensive to find a quality pair that provides protection against the ultraviolet sun rays and protects you from the glare. Thus making it a task that`s going to require a chunk of time from your end and the more intelligent choice to put in the money and effort to buy something classic and universally attractive like the wayfarer or round frame.

Timeless Timepiece

This tech-savvy generation might deny the importance and significance a watch adds to the wardrobe. But, one thing I have learned is watches are what make people punctual and not phones. It is convenient and, with modern-day watches, has become very functional. Newer watches can track your heart rate and other health rate areas while complementing your outfit. They make up for great heirlooms. However, If you opt for a more traditional type of watch, it will showcase class, tradition, and rich history of craftsmanship.

A Pair Of Flats

Apart from the fact that flats are comfortable. They are the only heel-less kind that can be worn in a casual and formal setting. Elevating any outfit and looking effortlessly. They are more functional for a business setting and decrease the odds of you twisting your ankles every time you decide to go on a walk. They will leave your dates in awe and come to your aid when you are looking to seize the day. 

Minimalist Jewelry

As the name suggests, these items aren`t cumbersome and can instantly become the center of focus with your ensemble. Many everyday startups will get you 14K dainty rings, earrings, and even pendants. All to go with any outfit with prices starting as low as 25$. However, they might lose their shine with time. Of course, you can always opt for a functional hoop earring or any minimalistic necklace in silver, which is budget-friendly and would not lose its shine over time.

Where To Shop?

Now that you have inspiration and an idea of what investment pieces look like, you might be wondering whether you will be able to find a good pair of chic, comfortable, and reliable clothing that extends over several niches of attire? The answer to it lies with shopping on surfstitch. An online store that will become your one-stop for every timeless piece mentioned above. With over 300 brands for you to choose from, it delivers quality and style that reflects your best self.