A Comprehensive Guide To FoodPanda


Food is an emotion, a feeling, a thing, a gesture, a choice, and a preference. More often than not for an individual like me who is juggling work and studies and adulting their way out of life, it often gets hard to decide to manage everything at once. It either includes often waiting at a restaurant to get take-outs, or restlessly browsing through the internet to find your favorite restaurants, only to figure out they are closed.

On the other hand cooking at home means grabbing and making runs to the store every time you need groceries. If you ever forget a couple of items on the list, here goes your possibility of cooking the item you most desired.

However, with innovation in the food industry and the online market, we have seen solutions to quite a several problems and there is a store that solves the earlier mentioned problem at a reasonable markup. Giving you the convenience of ordering everything you want from confectioneries to groceries at your doorstep.

What Is Foodpanda?

It has been 8 years since the era of online food ordering started even though it feels like decades ago. FoodPanda started building a bridge between customers and restaurants ten years ago and now successfully caters to all areas of Asia and Europe. It also has its branches stretched out to Africa, Latin America, and The Middle East, Operating by the name of “Hello Food” in these regions of the world.

The reason for its instant success lies in its high-quality user-friendly interface and the ability to solve a problem that still persists in some parts of the world. The company that started with a few-page website now operates in many parts of the world and has an app that makes ordering food the easiest job in the world.

How Does The Application Work?

You can easily download the application from the IOS store or Google play as it is available on both platforms. Once you have the application installed on your all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Log in with your active email address and phone number, you will be sent an OTP code for verification be sure to enter it correctly or repeat the process.

  • Once you have the credentials, Give applications access to your location or pick out the location yourself manually.

  • You will see a list of restaurants available in the vicinity delivered to your doorstep.

  • Browse through the menu of restaurants/ restaurants and decide on what you would like to have.

  • There might be multiple selections in order or meal you decide on, make sure to tap on the items you would like them to include in your food.

  • Once you have all the details sorted, you will see a small box at the bottom of your page for special comments, unless you have any special comments you are all set.

  • Every added item can be seen on the top right corner of the screen in your cart, by tapping on the cart, you will see the “ORDER NOW” Button tap on it to place your order.

  • It will ask for your delivery address and whether you would like to pay online or cash on delivery, select the desired option,

  • You will receive a confirmation text from FoodPanda confirming your order and delivery time, all that`s left for you to do is relax and wait for the delicious hot food.

FoodPanda ensures delivery within an hour in most locations unless there is some sort of calamity going on in the area. 

The great thing about food panda is instead of individually visiting the websites and their menus you get to access all of the restaurants in one place. With hundreds of businesses available, the most famous choices include KFC, Texas Chicken, The Pizza Company, Fuji, Auntie Anne’s, Dairy Queen’s, and many more. The versatility brings to your doorstep and at the expense of a couple of taps and moments of your outweigh any cons if there are any.


What Other Option Does The App Have

Apart from ordering food online, you can also order other day-to-day essentials, Bakery items, and confectioneries. If you are heading somewhere and would like to have something on the go, you can always opt for the pickup option on the app, where they have the food prepared for you ready to pick, saving time and money on the delivery.

What Is Pickup?

Instead of the FoodPanda rider picking up your order and delivering it to your provided address. The pick-up option allows you to save cash by picking up from the restaurants. It can also be used to jump the queues, however, the service is only limited to restaurants at this time. But with expansions and innovations happening in the application, we only have good expectations from the provider.

There is one thing you need to be cautious about: whilst the app brings convenience and saves us tons of time, you might be paying a bit extra for the food. As FoodPanda takes a certain commission per order from the restaurants. The restaurants tend to jack up their prices by the amount of commission paid or even more in some cases. I have always managed to avail myself of a good deal for myself and you can be just as smart about this by availing the of 50% off on all the orders above 100 dollars.