Tips For A Perfect Day At Lego Land California Resort

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  • 2024-07-03 2004:43:55

Visiting Legoland California Resort is an exciting adventure for families and Lego enthusiasts. With so much to see and do planning can make your trip even more enjoyable. Legoland offers a mix of thrilling rides, fun shows, and creative play areas, making it a perfect destination for kids and adults. To make the most of your visit here are some tips to ensure you have a perfect day.

Plan Ahead

Before you go learn about the different attractions and rides at Legoland California. The park is divided into themed areas like Miniland USA, Pirate Shores, and Lego Ninjago World, and knowing what each area offers will help you plan your day better. Visit the official Legoland California website to check the park's calendar for special events, park hours, and any scheduled maintenance or closures. Save time and money by purchasing your tickets online as you can sometimes find discounts or special offers that are not available at the gate.

Arrive Early

Legoland California opens at 10 AM, but arriving at least 30 minutes before opening will give you a head start allowing you time to park go through security, and be among the first in line for your favorite rides. Head straight to popular attractions like The Dragon Roller Coaster or the Lego Ninjago Ride as lines are shorter early in the day letting you enjoy these rides without a long wait.

Use the LEGOLAND App

Download the Legoland California app which features an interactive map to help you navigate the park, and find attractions, restrooms, and dining options. The app also provides real-time wait times for rides allowing you to plan your day efficiently and spend less time in line. Also, check the app for show schedules and character meet-and-greet times, and plan to attend these events when lines for rides are longer.

Pack Smart

Pack a backpack with essentials like sunscreen, hats, water bottles, and snacks, as having a few snacks can save you time and money despite the many food options in the park. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes since you'll be walking a lot, and if you plan to visit the Water Park, bring swimsuits, towels, and a change of clothes. Check the weather forecast and bring rain gear if necessary as Legoland operates rain or shine, and having a poncho or umbrella can keep you dry.

Plan for Meals

Legoland California offers various dining options from quick bites to sit-down meals, so review the options ahead of time and decide where you might want to eat. To avoid long lines try to eat meals at off-peak times (before noon for lunch or after 2 PM). Legoland allows guests to bring their food and drinks (excluding glass containers and alcohol), making packing a picnic a fun and cost-effective option.

Take Breaks

There are plenty of benches and shaded areas throughout the park, so take regular breaks to rest and hydrate, especially on hot days. Legoland also has several play areas where kids can run around and burn off energy providing great spots to take a break while they play. Plan to watch a show or visit an indoor attraction during the hottest part of the day to get a break from the sun and have a chance to relax.

Capture the Memories

Legoland California is full of great photo opportunities, so look for the official photo spots marked throughout the park to capture perfect family pictures. Don’t miss the chance to take photos with Lego characters by checking the schedule on the app or park map for times and locations. Visit one of the many gift shops to buy a Lego set or other souvenirs as this can be a great way to remember your trip.

Explore the Water Park

If you plan to visit the Legoland Water Park bring swimsuits, towels, and water shoes, and consider renting lockers available to store your belongings securely. Enjoy exciting water attractions such as the Build-A-Raft River, Joker Soaker, and Twin Chasers which provide a fun way to cool off and have a great time. Be sure to pay attention to the safety rules and height requirements for each ride, and ensure that children wear appropriate flotation devices if required to ensure a safe experience for everyone.

Visit the Sea Life Aquarium

Consider buying combo tickets that include entry to the Sea Life Aquarium, conveniently located next to Legoland offering fun and educational experiences. The aquarium features interactive exhibits and touch pools where kids can learn about marine life, providing a great way to unwind after a bustling day in the park. Visiting the Sea Life Aquarium can offer a relaxing end to your day, particularly if you’re seeking a break from the crowds, making it a perfect complement to your Legoland adventure.

Stay Overnight

If you want to extend your stay, consider booking a room at the Legoland Hotel which offers themed rooms, nightly entertainment, and early park access, enhancing your overall experience. Alternatively, several nearby hotels around Legoland California provide shuttle services to the park offering a convenient off-site accommodation option. Staying overnight allows you to rest and recharge ensuring a more enjoyable visit to Legoland California by giving you more time to explore all the park has to offer without feeling rushed.


A trip to Legoland California Resort is a magical experience for kids and adults. To maximize your visit, plan by checking out the park map and show schedules. Arrive early to beat the crowds and use the Legoland app for real-time updates on ride wait times. Pack essentials like sunscreen and snacks, and take breaks throughout the day to rest and recharge. Don’t forget to capture special moments with photos and explore the Water Park and Sea Life Aquarium for added fun. You stay for a day or extend your visit overnight, these tips will help ensure you have a perfect day at Legoland California Resort.


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