A Starry Night This Dark Friday


Right after the Thanksgiving hype ends, the holiday season goes even deeper and everyone starts making preparations for the coming Black Friday where the shopping fever gets too intense. It is the day that even beats the turkey-day in its prime as it hosts more exciting and remarkable deals. 

For too long people tend to save products on their wishlist hoping to buy them when prices go down or if there is an upcoming discount opportunity. Despite even summing all of them, it isn’t enough to go near what an average shopper usually demands. This day surpasses all of them as discounts are offered at an unbelievably affordable range and almost all the products featured on platform; online or in-location, are available on sale.

This time, sellers have already highlighted discounts on their merch weeks before dark Friday and they are getting constantly updated towards more and more items in the market. Although they are facing numerous setbacks in terms of global supply chain problems and labor shortage due to the pandemic, they still have managed to surpass them at an acceptable level. Another reason for sellers to kick start their offers at an early stage is due to low inventory levels in their warehouses and shipping delays due to setbacks in the global shipment of resources. 

The E-commerce World

The biggest E-Commerce platforms worldwide i.e Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart etc. have already started hoisting their Black Friday flag across the horizon and many sailors have already tied their mast and are running against the wind to find the most-awaited treasure. The discounts are not just available on items such as electronics, apparels, gadgets, appliances, sportswear and similar things, almost everything is available on a good catch.

No onwards, allow us to take you to a little walkthrough inside the global online market where everyone is preparing for their own special Christmas.

Discounts On Electronics

Almost everyone has entered the race for the hottest selling category in all the years to come. This age of technology and globalization have significantly increased the demand for cutting-edge merch which itself sullies in continuous development as time marches on. 

Phones, laptops and headphones are considered one of the most prominent articles coming under this category and a wide variety of them are offered at multiple discount options. All of the best brands are on sale whether it`s Samsung, Acer, HP, Beats, Western Digital, Apple and the list goes on.

For a decent support to your household, you can buy yourself the latest electronic appliances structured through intelligent Artificial Intelligence (AI) modules. Robot Vacuums, Security Cameras, Smart clocks, Kitchen Appliances are the most trending items amongst household appliances.

Price Tracking

With millions of sellers already having watered their horses, almost all of them have stepped up into this race to reach out to give customers the best value for their money. You will surely find in each platform that prices are going down by a significant margin with no breathing space being given to each of the competitors. Although one might not consider this as a problem as everywhere you go, you’ll see prices are lower than ever. Even if you are a little early into the holiday season, you’ll be happy to buy almost anything right now. The burning question however is from where to buy?

This has led to the introduction of online price tracking; a mechanism used to screen the internet for filtering out the best options in terms of price for the item-in-demand. One of the most prominent providers of this service is PriceBlink that navigates the user towards the cheapest buying option across numerous sellers. It also helps track the recent discounts available and price reductions on various items.

It is not just PriceBlink, the global leader in E-Commerce, Amazon has a rather unique system of price tracking. In addition to tracking products giving the best value to your pocket, it alerts consumers of any sale being featured on their wishlist in Amazon. You just have to keep filling your wishlist with every other thing on which you’ve had your eye on and then remain informed automatically.

Price Matching

One of the latest marketing tactics being employed by retailers, especially the big ones. Price matching is when a retailer offers insurance to buyers for a product contingent to a better deal available by the competitor. It is almost like a Put and Call options being administered in real estate and stock markets. 

This has prevented customers from hassling throughout different shopping locations surveying for prices as you can buy from the same retailer with the similar price. However, some might even attach certain conditions towards this facility. The price matching could be made limited to only the selected or handful of competitors or when the item would be in stock. You can especially buy these options from large retailers such as Walmart, Target or BestBuy.

However, we would always recommend to have some research before you avail this option as there might be a case of a simple collusion by a number of competitors.