Attain Utmost Comfort With Baloo Living


Inspired by the initiative to enhance the inner comfort and abilities, Baloo living hails as an exclusive seller of extremely comfortable blankets. Their value propositions are engineered towards providing a unique Blanket that is capable of servicing deep stimulation of innate healing abilities, relaxation of the whole nervous system that relieves the body from stress and anxiety, and stimulating the production of serotonin, the hormones designed to stabilize our moods and feelings, and makes us happy.

 The structure Baloo Living`s luxury blankets are designed to deliver improved and cognizant living standards, whilst keeping a check on environmental hazards their operations might impose. They are made with soft high-quality cotton and lead-free glass microbeads, that aim to service a more comfortable and durable experience. For their Corporate Social Responsibility CSR policy, they are seeking to mitigate the use of plastic packaging for their products and alternating them with dust bags.

Their weighted Blankets collection has always been their showstopper in the stores, as they are exhibited as their signature selling point. This bestseller is designed in soft and breathable cotton that keeps the temperature cool on the exterior for deep relaxation. Available in four different sizes, they make a perfect match for sofas and twin beds giving you the last amount of overhang.

The structure of their weighted blanket rage consists of a pure cotton interior and as well an exterior that excludes the traces of polyester and synthetic liners. Balooliving ensures that their blankets are modeled from material hundred percent natural and chemical-free, complimented with a specialized quilted pattern that holds back the weighted filling so that there`s no need to worry about bunching or pooling. Additionally, they are easily washable in machines, and compatible with dryers with a quick-drying capability in less amount of time.

Balooliving`s weighted comforters are also their prized jewel highly recognized for their gentle hug towards the body and soul. These comforters act as great insulators of heat with a powerful exterior developed to filter out the heat and give you year-round use in every situation. It enjoys being the only comforter made out of pure cotton and is free from polyester and artificial linings. Their soft white color helps create a more serene and comfortable atmosphere in which you can get a relaxed sleep.

Ever wanted to gift your kids a similar comfortable experience from our stock? Well, they got you covered since they have made available a range of weighted blankets exclusively for kids. After a whole day of school, sports, and running around with full energy, they would definitely require something that would put a cheery on top at the end of their day.

The new kids` weighted blanket range ensures a bedtime full of tranquility and comfort, with their design coming in various breathable colors with dyes made from hundred percent natural substances. It is preferred to make available these blankets exclusively for kids having the ability to handle the weight of weighted blankets. Their natural dyes include Indigo, Peach and Aqua colors with a unique quality of changing gradually as they are washed over time. They are available in three different sizes with a thirty days exchange policy and free shipping.

Baloo living is also focused on enriching the underprivileged lives and is determined to support their routine and comfort. Through the Pajama Program, they are helping more than four thousand communities in the United States by donating new pairs of pajamas and a book to each child. This is to support their belief that every child is entitled to a safe and secure good night`s sleep.  

Other than blankets, they have also featured some amazing duvet covers on their shelves. Baloo`s French duvet covers aim to protect your weighted blankets whilst giving you the premier comfort level in long-lasting performance. They are structured from premium French flax linen that gives it a durable performance and extreme softness. These covers are complemented with a wooden button that keeps the blanket intact securely in a single place and is also machine washable and safe to dry.

Furthermore, their site also features French linen pillowcase sets that go perfect in combination with Baloo living`s weighted blankets and duvets. They are breathable with a cool exterior, with an exceptionally long year-round service that could fit with all the modern-day bedroom needs.

 You can also avail of their sleep stone mask with an exceptionally comfortable design with the

characteristics to effectively block light and sound. These masks are available in 4 different variations with 3% spandex wide wrapping Velcro closure.

They also have an awesome blog on their site that exhibits various information surrounding blankets and multiple topics to browse through. Just visit their site and witness these featurettes yourself