Bad Posture And How To Cure It


More than 31 million people in just America suffer from bad posture problems, which is nearly 10% of the population. The problem is a big deal, yet we do not see many people addressing the issue. Bad Posture can be the root cause of many problems and is one of the leading contenders for people suffering from back and neck problems. To get a good idea of excellent Posture, we can consider children. As their body depicts the perfect "S curve", making their movements effortless and easy. However, as we grow older, our activities and continuous preference for comfort over standard sitting result in bad Posture. 

What Problems Can Bad Posture Cause?

Poor Posture can be the ultimate consequence of sitting at a desk all day. Many organizations have taken the initiative of the standing desk, but that does not make things easier for you. A part of causing long-term problems, some of which can be embarrassing and others rather painful. Many are known, such as problems with joints, dysfunctional limbs, pain in the back and neck, and pot belly, among various others. There are some surprising consequences of bad Posture:

  1. Lack Of Control On Urine: Incontinence can become familiar with people who usually sit in bad Posture- a condition where you lose control over the urinary tract. Slouching constantly can increase the pressure on your bladder resulting in embarrassing moments and decreasing your ability to withhold urine as well.

  1. Constipation: Poor Posture can cause problems with excretion or defecation. The correct way can make the defecation process faster and relatively more straightforward, instead of leaving the bowel without the satisfaction of completely doing it. With your knees closer to the abdomen, it can block the anus track causing unnecessary trouble, while a straightened out and correct posture, i.e. Sitting with your knees higher than your hip. Using a small stool can undoubtedly help in correcting the Posture.

  1. Slowed Digestion and Heartburn: The leading contender to bad Posture is slouching. Doing so right after eating can result in heartburn caused by acid reflux as sprawling puts pressure on the stomach, pushing acid up to the esophagus.

What Causes Bad Posture?

Many of you might think that slouching is the only cause of lousy Posture, but several other factors play a role in acquiring a good posture. While sometimes bad Posture is genetic and something one can not control in some other cases, little work can make things easier for you. What causes terrible Posture?

  1. Injury: To protect the hurt area, muscles can spasm, and it is a defense mechanism which can help make injury stable and aid in cell regeneration. The side effect of it is that it can restrict the moment and cause pain, and when done over a long period of time can weaken muscles. In collaboration with tired muscles, good functioning muscles make up the recipe for lousy Posture.

  1. Day-to-Day Habits: Muscle spasms and strains can cause you to pick up alternate methods of getting the job done, while it might sound okay momentarily. In the long run, sticking to those habits can lead to compensation, i.e. achieving the desired result with less movement and at the expense of compromising natural alignment.

  1. Increased Use Of Technology: Back in the day, people were not glued to their phone screens 24/7, but now it has become an everyday thing. Whether you are using a desktop, laptop, cell phone or an iPad, all can gradually take your body out of alignment and eventually disrupt natural posters leading to back and neck pain.

  1. Footwear: Wearing high heels or ill-fitted shoes in either instance may affect the type of strides you take. You are eventually disrupting your walking and relying on parts you would not rely upon under normal circumstances. It might also put unwanted stress on knees, heels and hips.

What Can You Do To Cure It?

Fixing your posture can result in decreased levels of all the earlier mentioned issues. However, it`s not something one can attain overnight and requires continuous effort from your end. Some routine exercises include stretching two to three times a week. One practical and proven way is to use a posture pump. While you might not be committed to exercising daily, actively resist reclining on a soft bean bag. A posture pump is a product that well over 500,000 thousand doctors have recommended for people with spinal and neck issues. The product is portable, easy to carry and can prevent posture problems from occurring in the first place. It hydrates the discs and joints while restoring the natural curved shape of your spine. However, the key here is to stick with it and make it a part of your routine. Please keep it in a place where you will be able to use it often.