Casual Style Guide For Women


Ever gotten scared of the sentence `wear something casual`? What really is the definition of casual clothing? Do you also find yourself wondering whether you are underdressed or overdressed for an event? In today`s article, we will be talking about how to pull off casual outfits, what combinations suits best, and a guide on how to always be on top of your game. 

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What`s your go-to clothing style?

Whether it is laid-back dates or just casual hangout, getting the right “informal” outfit is hard, even though it`s the most straightforward way of dressing, often people don`t get it right. Late-night hangouts with friends or just going grocery shopping laid back style is the way to go. Casual outfits usually consist of cardigans, hoodies, t-shirts, trousers, and jeans. If you prefer skirts and boots go for it. It`s all about having fun and being relaxed, in doing so. 

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Without further ado let`s dig into what type of t-shirts one should opt for.


Going to farmers` markets or a random show on Sunday evening, t-shirts have never looked so good if paired with a pair of pants. A simple plain t-shirt can make any outfit look casual instead of fancy, throw in a pair of shorts and sneakers and you are good to go. If you incline towards the feminine style get a skirt and pair it with boots. Bring in a couple of accessories such as a bag, a couple of wrist bands, or bangles to complete the relevant look and you are a go!

Where to get those plain t-shirts? Well, pilot has got you covered for it, find a huge variety of branded and designer shirts there to give your outfit a slicker look.

Hoodies and Tops

Having troubles deciding what to wear or having a hard time taking that adorable hoodie off?

Don`t worry. Get rid of the tracksuit pants and put on muddi, slouchy pants, or a casual skirt. In case the temperature drops you can always swipe it with mom pants and still be able to pull it off. The fun part about being casually dressed is that you can have fun with the layers and still be on top of your game if you have opted for the right combination. 


We think it goes without saying that jeans have been a part of our casual outfit for a while yet some people still struggle to find the right combination for it. In our opinion everything sets well with jeans, you put on a shirt and tuck it in, looks good. Put on a mini crop top and it`s still good. Let the fashionista from the `70s in you take over, tie up that flannel over a crew neck to get a more hip look. The point is you can get creative with jeans and still be a complete 10. 

Mini Maxis, kilts, and skirts

Sometimes all you need is a kilt or a classic skirt. But what to pair with it you ask? Honestly pretty much most of your button-up shirts and silhouette will do the job. Kilts and mini maxis can also be worn for a casual day out in the summers. Whether you are planning to grab that cup of coffee with your friend during that autumn phase. They aren`t too light and definitely not too hot for summers. Bring in loafers or jumper boots. Throw in drop earrings or loops to complete this amazing look.


We are not talking about your formal dresses here that one needs for ballroom dances and formal gatherings, but ones that aren`t too heavy on you, aren`t hard to carry but can be the elegant go-to look you so crave for. Enjoy the summer and springtime in these drapes. You are a fan of bold patterns and attires that hide your figure. Summer dresses are just the right thing. Pairing it up with a fedora or the usual summer hat, with some nice rings and other accessories, strap on a belt, and tell us if you don`t get mistaken for a supermodel.


Hoping now that you have a better idea of what goes with which type of attire. You can definitely step up your game and in order to acquire these comfortable yet sleek apparel and amazingly discounted prices visit neverpayful right now.