Celebrating Halloween Post Pandemic


When It All Started

Everyone before the year 2020 forecasted plenty of prospects with a positive attitude hoping that things would remain static. Businesses had already forecasted growth and have designed future strategies, governments had already prepared their budgets for the recurring years and have discussed political strategies markets have continued to thrive whilst embracing the competition and consumers look up for a better year ahead as they witness transition and major changes in their lifestyles when Artificial Intelligence slowly integrates with their lives.

However, following the identification of the first case of Coronavirus Disease in December 2019, the whole world witnessed a sudden change in their tides. Everything was affected from the macroeconomic to individual level as the changing conditions necessitated the change of habits and operations. Everything was required to be revised, the people`s habits, the businesses` strategies, the governments` plans and markets` practices.

After the outbreak it was necessary for people to maintain a safe distance and employ necessary protocols to contain the spread of virus. Hence, there were many restrictions on physical movements of people and goods whether it was inland or international. Plus, mass gatherings and holiday celebrations were also put on hold due to Standard Operating Procedures being issued worldwide. As almost a tear passed, people began adapting to new ways, pursuing new lifestyles and developing new approaches towards things around them.

Shopping For Halloween

It is obvious at this time of year that people shall be flocking towards costume stores to have their hands on the hottest getups this Halloween. These large queues and overcrowding in shopping precincts run the risk of transporting the virus very instantly and effectively. As most countries have already introduced SOPs specifically for shopping, they don`t however guarantee that the environment can be hundred percent risk free. 

One of the merits of this pandemic is that it has allowed us to search for millions of ways to carry on with our business whilst the prevailing obstacles the Covid 19 has brought upon us. It has led towards the growth in research and development for E commerce websites that have looked for ways to allow clients to hunt for their products with minimal physical exertion.

Therefore, it is highly advisable for customers this Halloween to alternate the use of visiting the stores and make extensive use of online shopping. Almost every top seller this Halloween is featuring their products on online platforms to provide a hassle free and safe shopping experience. Additionally, online shopping is prominent for having its own distinct advantages over physical shopping. Other than providing a safe environment, it relieves the customer of standing for hours in long queues, provides them a chance to avail more exciting deals and discounts and the concentration of sellers online has driven down prices remarkably as compared to prices featured on retail.

Discounts may be offered mostly at uniform rates amongst many platforms but only a handful of them are generous at avoiding huge discounts. Glasseslit is a premium provider of top of the line eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses and different types of eyewear. This online store is prominent for offering its customers remarkable deals and discounts, and a unique shopping experience. For the upcoming Halloween season, it has featured most of its products at discounted prices that have outclassed many sellers. They are offering 100 dollars off on offers above 299 dollars by applying the code H100.

Celebrating In A Safe And Healthy Environment

Since almost a year passed after the issue of covid 19 emergency worldwide, vaccines were beginning to be introduced and every state administration developed a comprehensive set of rules that would be observed in public. These applied to mass gatherings like parties and holiday celebrations.

As Halloween season is nearing, people have been busy organizing its celebrations but they should not forget that though there`s an exponential increase in the number of vaccinated citizens, there is no guarantee that these may guarantee you full immunity. Hence it is imperative for people to have a safe Halloween whilst enjoying the spirit for it.

The risk for families and friends being exposed to the virus is not high like before, but it should be taken into consideration that the virus is still airborne and developing in several dangerous variants that poses more danger to the health and safety of individuals. Hence the first and foremost policy in trick or treating is to ensure that every kid is wearing protective masks and clothing when visiting other houses.

The most viable option for celebrating Halloween during this time is to celebrate in outdoor spaces. Party goers and kids should gather in small groups in open spaces as compared to indoors where there is a higher probability of one catching the virus. If there is a family gathering, it`s` best to stay with your close family members and keep a safe distance from the extended ones as it would help reduce the risk of spreading amongst different groups. When distributing treats for children, it is better to distribute them on goody packs to maintain minimum contact through touching.