Cyber Monday And The Holiday Season


The holiday season is full of surprises as it brings the major festivals in the country during its tenure. These holidays and celebrations are wholesome packages of fun and exciting opportunities to fulfill your wishes. To those having the urge of going hunting for the best deals and discounts, it’s their busy season and they probably won’t have time for catering to other ordeals.

Since days like Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday fall upon this season, there is a prevalent competition amongst these as to who would take the lead for the highest recorded annual sales in a single day. Cyber Monday is arguably known to take the lead amongst all of the occasions but it faces tough competition from its next best competitor, Black Friday.

There has been a huge debate for years as to which day offers the best deals and the greatest value to people’s money. Since the inception of Black Friday, it has been the ultimate shopping experience for many in the whole year as this day is dedicated wholly and exclusively for savings. However, since the arrival of Cyber Monday, its charm has inspired many people to consider this occasion arguably the biggest shopping experience in the whole year.

We can’t jump to a rough conclusion to determine which day is better unless we try to convince ourselves. Allow us to take you to a walkthrough where we would find the answer to our ultimate question.

Understanding Cyber Monday

When determining the etymology of the term, this day comes three days after Black Friday. As compared to dark Friday which is wholly dedicated to all the products, Cyber Monday is the day when mostly the tech products are featured on amazing discount rates as contemporary technology takes the lead in having an impact on most of the lives around the world. Many experts are predicting record-breaking sales figures for this day that could be soaring high compared to those of Black Friday.

The Debate

Now that we understand the purpose of Cyber Monday, we shall discuss the burning topic as to which day bears the flag of victory.

When we discuss statistics and historical data, Cyber Monday is known to have ousted its arch-rival considerably. Although there are prevalent differences between these days, these could be negligible due to the current global problems in the supply chain, and retailers, particularly online ones, have already kick-started their sales a week earlier than the original day. The indifference lines between the two days have diminished gradually and there are only some intricate differences that aren’t material enough to make a sharp comparison.

Evidently, one of the differences is that you may find that products belonging to different categories are offered at varying discount rates and details, and sometimes you may also find these differences amongst the same class of retailers.

The primary feature you may find on spooky Friday is mostly the products with the steepest prices are on highlight and hunted out; it is the shopping exclusively for big-ticket items such as TVs, Laptops, Gaming consoles, Gadgets, etc. this year, retailers have appealed to the sellers for buying things the earliest due to the prevailing supply chain problems that may render many products going short in stock rapidly when they’re put on sale. Hence, the conclusion could be gathered that this day is mostly reserved for big bill items for which people wait for almost a year. Whereas its arch-rival has expanded beyond its ambit and has continued to offer products with better deals and discounts. 

The best deals for this day are available at a large department or retail stores that have housed hundreds of product categories and can afford to receive a small profit margin on their sales. To summarize, the price leaders on Black Fridays are mostly large-scale retailers. Small-scale or medium-scale retailers are unable to afford a low-profit margin as their sales volume is limited due to a number of reasons. Cyber Monday on the other hand provides a more holistic approach for everyone where one can buy brand new and second-in-hand items on better deals comparatively. 

These two occasions are prominent for featuring expensive items particularly technological products on the best packages one could get. In practice, however, Black Friday is preferred for buying the pricy gadgets and consoles belonging to the latest generation. For shopping the older generations and earlier versions of any tech, you may wait for Cyber Monday to avail them of the best purchase.

So far you might’ve found yourself perplexed as to whether your mind could arrive at a conclusion on this topic. In reality, there are no fixed parameters that could be set as a standard for comparison between the two occasions. Both of them could come in handy contingent on the type of shopping dilemma the person is involved in.