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Home decoration is all about surrounding yourself with the things you enjoy the most. It involves creating your own space where you feel most comfortable, a place where you can truly be yourself and leave the cares and worries of the world behind. Whether you are decorating your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or patio, choose Space General for all your home storage needs and experience the difference in your home space. Space General is a leading online store and a favorite destination for all home storage needs. The brand provides top-quality home storage products with exceptional customer service that makes your life easier. Here, we have highlighted some of the best quality living room furniture to make your living room more attractive and functional.

Explore Living Room Furniture from Space General 

Explore the best quality living room furniture offered by Space General, designed to enhance your decore 

Vasagle Karla Side Table With Lower Shelf 

One of the most stylish pieces of decore, the round tabletop, rustic walnut finish, and angled legs merge on this small side table. The spacious tabletop can accommodate items such as a beautiful flower vase, a cup of coffee, or a stack of books. The lower shelf is perfect for displaying your cherished mementos and decorative items. This piece is designed to enhance the aesthetics of any room with its charming appearance while providing functional storage and durability.


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Here are some key features of this table:


  • Available in rustic walnut color.

  • Made from particleboard and thick legs.

  • Comes with a size of 40 Dia x 50.7 H cm.

  • Engineered with 4.1 kg max weight.

  • Offers 90 kg static load capacity.


To add a comfortable modern farmhouse vibe to your living space, buy Vasagle Karla Side Table With Lower Shelf for just $62.99.

Rainbow Bedside Table Locker

The Rainbow Bedside Table Locker is a compact yet spacious storage solution. This small and stylish piece is designed for small spaces, an ideal bedside table or side table, providing ample space to keep all your essentials neatly organized. Comes to bring vibrant charm to your space and effortlessly enhances the charm to your space.


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The following are more features of this product: 


  • Available in 4 colors.

  • Made from powder-coated steel.

  • Comes with a size of 42.5 cm x 40 cm x 59.5 cm (Length x Width x Height).

  • Offers to hold 20 kg.

  • Constructed with 8 kg weight.


Buy Rainbow Bedside Table Locker, engineered to provide exceptional strength and longevity, for just $134.00.

Rocking Chair With Foot Rest

This comfortable rocking chair is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a relaxing seating experience. A sturdy frame constructed from birch wood and varnished in a natural hue for optimal stability. The inbuilt pillow supports the neck for relaxed leaning and the sculpted frame promotes comfortable posture and prevents backaches. 


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Below are more features of this product:


  • Offers 150 kg of maximum load capacity.

  • Constructed with an adjustable footrest with 5 different angles. 

  • Comes with 73 cm of backrest height.

  • Offers 48 cm of seat depth.

  • Made with birch wood, sponge, and cotton materials.

  • Available in black and white colors.


Buy Rocking Chair With Foot Rest, which comes with an ergonomic design with high-density foam filling for excellent elasticity and support, for just $151.20.

Vasagle Side Table

This side table comes with a unique open design, and sleek lines impart simplicity and elegance. An easy-to-go item with various home decor styles can be used vertically or horizontally perfectly as a sofa table in the living room, a bedside table in the bedroom, or a small storage shelf. Reinforced by a back panel to ensure stability and durability enough to keep your bedtime essentials within easy reach for years to come.


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Below are more features of this table: 


  • Made of 15 mm thick particleboard.

  • Available in rustic walnut + white.

  • Made from wood.

  • Comes with a weight of 8.4 kg.

  • Built from 15 mm thick particleboard.


To add a touch of elegance to your room, buy Vasagle Side Table for just $65.00.


These are some of the finest living room furniture pieces offered by Space General, designed to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your home. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Space General ensures that you can create a comfortable and stylish living space. You can transform your home with furniture that reflects your style and meets your needs, by exploring more furniture pieces.

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