Everything You Need To Know About Headphones


Finding The best audio device is hard considering the companies and the huge variety of available audio devices. So how does one narrow their list of options and what features to look for in your desired audio device? We come packing with everything you need to know before ordering one for yourself.

Ordering headphones online can be a horrible experience, especially when you do not have any idea what to look for in headphones. Three types of audio listening devices are available in the market when you head out to look. Here is a summary of each one

In ears: We all have used it at some point. Earlier, they came along with wires. Now wireless options are also available. They come in pretty handy regarding short calls and other small communication. But not suitable for a longer period of time.

On ears: optimal for users who want a good quality of audio and a mediocre level of comfort. They are completely fine for shorter use; however, the longer use can become rather hurtful. They also leak noise and are just as bad as blocking outside noise.

Over ears: The kind is the best of both worlds and comes packing other additional features, including noise cancellation and blocking the exterior noise.

Why Are Over-Ear Headphones Better?

As the name suggests, over-ear headphones cover your whole ear because their larger earpads offer comfort and a wholly immersive experience with noise. Whether you are listening to podcasts, audiobooks, or working out in the gym, in any instance, these headphones will work better than other audio listening devices. They have better battery backup than the rest of the products of their kind, and the latest styles have better ANC (Active noise cancellation) and compatibility with voice assistants for effortless operations. 

The best Over-ear Headphones are less prone to hurt your hearing as they sit farther from your sensitive eardrums than in ears or on-ear headphones. And the same characteristics enhance the sound quality as no pair of headphones move air as well as over-ear headphones.

Nonetheless, there is no doubt that a good, durable, and reliable pair of over-ear headphones can be pretty hefty on the pocket. While further down in the article, we have included our top picks, one of which is one of the best overhead headphones at affordable pricing. But realistically speaking, as you move up the price range, the immersive experience gets better because of the quality of the materials engineering of the items that go into play with the headphones. 

That being said, just because a headphone is pricey does not necessarily mean it is worth the price tag, so familiarizing yourself with the relevant traits is just as necessary. So here is what you need to consider before deciding on one.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Headphones:

Drivers: The driver is one of the most important features in any audio listening device. It consists of a magnet, coil, and diaphragm, each playing a crucial role in the quality of the sound.

Sensitivity: It shows how loud a pair of headphones can get in the available power, measured by the sound pressure a gadget can create using one milli watt of power. The safest range is from 75dB to 110dB; anything above it is too loud for the general public.

Impedance:  Resistance to the transmission of electric current by the amplifier is called impedance, measured in ohms. In non-geeky terms, it is the power your headphones require to work. Anything between 8-32 ohms will work well with a portable gadget, i.e., phone, laptop, etc.

Response To Frequency:   A good pair of over-ear headphones should be able to produce audio frequencies from 20Hz to 20,000 Hz. Models with an extended range will definitely have better sound than the ones without it.

Cord:  Even though the latter styles support Bluetooth, the odds are the sound quality will be taking a hit if you opt for the Bluetooth options. Cord provides better sound quality. Sure Wireless headphones are cool and portable, but at the expense of compromised sound quality, it is not worth it. Plus, Bluetooth headphones have a 30m range. Kills the battery faster.

Comfort and Design: While all over-ear headphones are comfortable, the comfort can be enhanced by using the latest shapes and the ones compatible with your ear size. For an impeccable experience, you would want to ensure that it fits well and is not too heavy on the head.

What Are Our Top Picks?

One Odio A71 (The Best Across All Formats)

One odio is not a name you come across very often, but the company specializes in over-ear headphones. There are much more affordable options available on their website, but none compared to the quality that one odio A71 packs, regardless of whether you are a student taking online classes, working in the stock market, or an avid gamer. These headphones pack 40 MM with 32-ohm impedance and come with a sensitivity range of up to 110 dB and an impeccable frequency response ranging 20Hz-20Khz. Cable one, which is 2-3 meters long and aids the impeccable sound quality and a built-in mic cable that extends up to 1.2 m 


  • Great battery life.
  • Relatively lightweight and comfortable feel.
  • Impeccable sound and microphone quality.


  • Build quality is not as great as other models with significantly higher prices.

Razor Opus

If you have the budget for it, then razor opus is one of the best gaming headsets you can fetch on the market. It provides an immersive sound experience for all media types and packs with advanced active noise cancellation. The plush leather and its lightweight nature make it compatible for several hours and stay aware of your surroundings, which lets you damp and control the ANC. It has a playback battery of 25 hours and is compatible with a type c cable, bearing the THX certification (for sound and quality). 


  • Comes with additional operational features.
  • Plush leather and memory foam for comfortable extended use.
  • Comes with a primary carrier case.


  • Eq Is not customizable.
  • The microphone is not great.

Sony WH-1000XM4 

It does not get better than sony wh1000XM4 as the headphones have impeccable built quality, and the sound quality is exceptional when stacked up against the other products of a similar kind. It has the most outstanding sound cancellation and has 360 spatial audio for a cinematic effect. However, the design of the headphones is pretty impracticable. There have been some reported moments of glitches of music being paused because of singing and some issues with the calling. But it comes packing some of the most exciting new features, such as multipoint pairing, conversational awareness, and auto play/pause sensor.


  • Best Noise cancellation in over-ear headphones.
  • Great Audio upscaling
  • New exciting features.


  • Very expensive for the price.
  • Not water resistant.
  • Impractical design.