Explore Countries Like Never Before With Uniplaces


The tourism world is expanding. It all came to a halt with the recent pandemic. However, things have started to pick up, and as per the current data, the global tourism industry stands at 433.2 billion dollars in 2022 and is expected to grow to 690.7 billion in the next four years. With such an addition and boom to the industry, you can expect businesses to open up hotels and hike in prices of stays at crappy locations. Finding a sweet spot in any country can be a difficult job. 

Many people think of their staying place as just requiring a roof overhead, but when it comes to a memorable trip, your stay can play an essential role. I travel pretty frequently, and living as a digital nomad is not an easy task but the best decision I have made. It made me explore places and experience cultures like never before. Today I am not coming with the travel hacks but the best places to stay and The opportunities I have gotten the chance to experience. The remote work culture fueled my desire to travel the world and live as a digital nomad. And to be successful at this, I considered the following factors while narrowing down my list of places.

What Factors to Consider As A Digital Nomad?

And probably what you should consider as well if you are looking to live across the world

Does the country have a stable internet connection?- The essential factor

Is it widespread among other digital nomads- networking is crucial for growth

Where does the government fall on safety standards?

Welcoming and friendly environment

Easy Visa granting and renewal process

Personal Preference for climate

Few factors might change one nomad to another, but most of them are going to stay the same, i.e., safety, visa renewal, and good internet are non-negotiable. 

And If you are unsure where to start looking for places to stay, I have curated the list of best places around the world. 

Valencia, Barcelona

If you have a profound love for culture, heritage, old buildings, and science amuses you, then Valencia will be the perfect place for you. Apart from affordable housing and remarkable safety, Valencia comes packing in terms of museums and rich cultural history. The city attraction will keep you busy for days. It brings a rich and diverse Spanish cuisine to you; the world-famous Spanish cuisine paella originates from valencia. When it comes to tourists, the city is far down the list of tourists, which means you will be experiencing the culture at the hands of civilians and residents. Some of the city`s most peculiar festivals, such as Las Fallas,  Fiesta de San Vicente Ferrer, and La Tomatina, are held in the town. Aside from generic thieves (pickpockets), there is not much to be concerned about when it comes to Valencia.

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

There are several places in Europe, but none like the miniature city vila nova de Gaia. It provides a relaxed quality of life, rich cultural experience, top restaurants, and a chance to experience life at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There is nothing as great as waking up to a beautiful and iconic view, and when it comes to Vila Nova De Gaia, there are beautiful sites you can not get enough of. I used uni places for my stay there as they were able to find me a trustworthy landlord. Who took care of a beautiful studio apartment to stay in and utilities at an exceptionally budget-friendly. A home to WOW (World of wine), where most of the world`s port wine originates from. A remarkable place to stay and even has a wonderful set of restaurants to explore during your stay.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the core of creative minds in Portugal. The city is huge when it comes to exploration, with excellent, distinct, and special accommodations. Digital nomads love it in the city because of cozy cafes and amazing co-working spaces, and laptop-friendly environments. The locals are friendly and welcoming, whereas the city is as safe as it can get. It might be one of the few cities in Europe which isn`t too cold. The colorful buildings and vibrant nightlife are just a plus while living in a city as beautiful as Lisbon.

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia is the capital of the Baltic Sea, a cultural hub, and a melting pot of people from all over the world. It is one of the best places to be as a digital nomad, as you will be interacting with people of cultures and ethnicities. Being the first country to issue a digital nomad visa, it is unlikely that you would not have heard of the place. You are making the visa renewal process significantly easier than in other parts of Europe. It brings a lot of co-working spaces and various laptop-friendly cafes, with great scenic localities to stay at with pocket-friendly prices. Tallinn is a great place to start as a beginner, as you will encounter a number of digital nomads there.

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

This might not be the most budget-friendly place when it comes to the best locations for digital nomads. But the aesthetic it offers makes it worthy of the price tag it comes along with. The city is compact in size but provides a lot of scenic platforms, hiking trails, and escape to great natural spots. An exuberant space to think and ponder upon your creative skills as a digital nomad. The high altitude keeps it cool even in the summers. So if you are fond of cold spots, green hills, and pretty wildflowers, you will definitely find the experience unique. Even though Lauterbrunnen is a big city yet it has only one cafe where you can work.