Exploring Top Selling Women Scrub Tops By Comenii


Comenii  - a brand synonymous with comfort and durable scrubs. Comenii is credited for offering medical professionals high quality scrubs that are comfortable yet durable at the same time. These scrubs are carefully designed to provide maximum relief to professionals during their long working hours. From the basic button down ones to the pregnancy ones, Comenii has a scrub for all. That said, Comenii has a dedicated section for women`s scrub tops.

For your convenience, here we have mentioned the top 4 best selling women scrub tops from the Comenii’s collection. 

Best Selling Women Scrub Tops By Comenii

Following are the 4 best selling Comenii scrub tops. 

SoftTouch Long Sleeve Scrub Top

SoftTouch Long Sleeve scrubs are designed by Poradex technology which combines polyester, spandex and cotton. This fabric is 4-way stretchable, wrinkle-resistant and also odorless. 

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Here are some other features of SoftTouch Long Sleeve Scrub Top. 

  • Stretchable and comfortable cuffs with ribbed fabric that allows to have a snug fit and sleeves to ride up.

  • Five pockets offer fast access to reach for things and keep things separate from messing up. It has 2 welt pockets, 1 patch pocket and 1 sleeve pocket. 

  • It has long sleek sleeves for easy movement.

  • The 4-way stretch provides excellent elasticity. 

  • It comes in various sizes and has four colors; wine red, peacock blue, black and navy. 

To avail of these features, buy SoftTouch Long Sleeve Scrub Top priced USD $25.00

ProEase Button Scrub Top

ProEase Button Scrub Top are 79% polyester, 18% cotton and 3% spandex. This scrub is stitched with an elegant V-neck with six button style to give a professional look. 

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Mentioned below are the features of ProEase Button Scrub Top. 

  • Comes with a button blouse providing tailored fit. 

  • 4-pocket design (2 angled side pockets).

  • 2 ear flaps which can be hung on the hook anytime.

  • It comes in various sizes and has four colors; wine red, peacock blue, black and navy.

To make yourself comfortable during shifts, buy ProEase Button Scrub Top priced USD $19.00

ElegCare Essential Scrub Top

The ElegCare Essential Scrub Top is specially designed for medical professionals working in emergency care. These scrubs are easily washable in soft detergent. 

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Listed down are some features of ElegCare Essential Scrub Top. 

  • V-neck design. 

  • Triple needle stitching for darted back and wider ham. 

  • 4-pocket design with 2 welt pockets, 1 patch pocket and 1 sleeve pocket. 

  • The 4-way stretch fabric. 

  • Various sizes and colors are available. 

If you are also fulfilling your duties in an emergency room, buy ElegCare Essential Scrub Top and ensure maximum comfort in only USD $21.00

DynaComfort Zipper Scrub Top

This masterpiece of the Comenii brand offers a zipper lock pocket and it is improved to appear and perform well during the duties. DynaComfort Zipper Scrub Top is offered in various colors and it is necessary to wash them separately. 

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Here are the following features of DynaComfort Zipper Scrub Top :

  • Double V neck design. 

  • Fronted shoulder seam for extra strength and durability. 

  • Vertical zipper pocket increasing durability. 

  • It has 2 welt pockets (vertical zipper added on the left one) and 1 patch pocket.

  • Features a silk-like fabric which makes for easy body movements.  

Shop for DynaComfort Zipper Scrub Top priced USD $19.00

Comenii is a brand dedicated only to defining comfort and producing high-quality scrubs that are worn by medical professionals. Through various designs that are carefully stitched the brand offers ease to move aiding professionals to perform tasks comfortably. Comenii believes in diversity and success; therefore the brand is run by 50% women to proudly showcase their strength. 

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