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People have worn jewelry throughout history, in all cultures, and in all countries. Some were simply used to highlight the owner`s sophistication and good taste, while others had a much deeper meaning.

Jewelry represented financial and social status in the East. Piercing became ingrained in African culture, and its absence was considered abnormal. People in Russia believed that accessories could protect their owners from evil spirits, difficulties, and misfortunes.

Nowadays, we mostly wear jewelry to express our personalities or to diversify our appearance. Some people profit from it by selling wholesale gemstone jewelry. They also wear it as a form of advertising for this purpose. Others believe that it is important to accessorize with jewelry for a special occasion.

Novadab Jewellery:

Wearing jewelry is simply something that most people do - putting on earrings, rings, or necklaces has become a habit. It has become a part of our routines, and we rarely think about why we wear it. What is fascinating, however, is a look at the history of jewelry.

The majority of us wear jewelry because we like the way it looks. Jewelry can be used to express oneself, complete an outfit, and make a statement. Some people enjoy the sound of bangles moving on their wrists, while others appreciate the hidden sparkle of a small gemstone earring. In any case, jewelry is one way to adorn your body and add extra beauty to your life.

Novadab jewelry allows you to add a little more beauty to your daily life while also enhancing your style. Their jewelry is timeless, high quality, and handcrafted with love to suit a wide range of tastes, making any of our pieces an ideal gift for a loved one.

Here we have a few unique articles that could make your day.

Engraved Message Jesus Pendant Necklace


Show your affection, love, and loyalty with the perfect piece of jewelry, such as this antique, bronze-plated Cameo Necklace with a peaceful-looking Jesus. This exquisitely carved alloy pendant hangs from a 60-centimeter necklace with a 7-centimeter extension. This one-of-a-kind piece makes a thoughtful gift. On the back is engraved "Belief, I am always with You."

This antique bronze-plated cameo is set in beautifully carved alloy settings, and its pendant measures 5.9 x 4.6 cm, making it suitable for anyone.

Whatever the cause of the cameo jewelry revival, their significance, and fascinating, extensive history has made them a popular item among collectors and jewelry aficionados.

Boho Chic Floral Flair Necklace


If you want to be the center of attention then wear this necklace to grab it all. The design of this magnificent Novadab necklace is much more than meets the eye.

Initially, disparate sections are cleverly balanced to create this one-of-a-kind, colorful, fun, and go-with-everything piece of jewelry!!

The necklace weighs as light as only 42 grams. And has a 17.7" necklace length

Resin, zinc, alloy, and crystal are the materials used to create this masterpiece. It also has Antique bronze plated plating to give it a final look. Get yours now! 

Peacock Blue Oval Danglers


With these enchanting peacock blue drop earrings, you can turn heads and make a grand statement. Which could go with your outfit and enhance your appearance?

The deep, royal hue of the teardrop-shaped stones and the surrounding brilliant rhinestones add to the opulence of these glitzy Novadab earrings!

The material of the earrings is most important; these are made of Zinc Alloy, Resin, and have a Rhinestone that weighs 20 grams and is very light to carry. With this beauty, you can now flaunt all day.

Elaborate Elliptical Rhinestone Necklace


Novadab`s stunning necklace is an enchanting combination of superb styling and expert craftsmanship. A magnificent statement necklace made all the more intriguing by the unusually expressive use of subtle grey colors.

The necklace length and width are 18.1" and 2.7", respectively, and the necklace weight is 80 grams, making it easy to put on and feel light on your neck.

The necklace is made of zinc, alloy, and glass, making it perfect wear that shines as brightly as you do. It has an Imitation Rhodium Plated plating and a lobster clasp closure.

Overall, jewelry is significant in culture and religion. Despite changes in the composition and design of jewelry, their value has never diminished.

Fashion trends change all the time, but jewelry is still a popular accessory among women. Nothing can make an outfit shine more than jewelry. It`s also an excellent way to express yourself.

The refined and detailed jewelry collection offers the highest level of refinement and detail. They bring you handcrafted pieces embellished with handpicked natural stones. Visit their website to find elegant, timeless jewelry.

Remember, no matter what jewelry or clothing you wear, you should always wear a sunny smile!