Ingredients For A Good Night Sleep


Sleeping is one of the most essential things about someone. It is just as important as a healthy diet and regular exercise. However, in today`s world, we see less emphasis on it. There are a lot of factors that impact your sleep and subconsciously you have been making things worse yourself. A good night`s sleep is related to your energy for that day, your mind`s activeness, and maintaining a normal stress level. Studies have shown the sign of sleep deprivation related to aggravated anger issues and higher stress levels. 

Poor night sleep is related to gaining weight, malnutrition as it affects your appetite and worsened connection as well as lower productivity levels throughout the day.

If this is how important sleep is to us what can we do to get better sleep? In today`s article, our sole focus will be on the activities and things that can help us improve our sleeping cycle and help us in getting proper sleep.


Make A Sleep Schedule And Stick To It

Doctors recommend a minimum of 5 hours of sleep a day and a maximum of 8 hours. Set aside 8 hours of sleep for increased productivity levels. Most adults only require 7 hours of sleep to achieve maximum productivity. 8 hours of it should do so, for almost everyone.

Making a sleeping cycle is the easy part and sticking to it over the course is hard. Often on weekends, our sleeping patterns fluctuate. Make sure that the fluctuation is no more than an hour. As anything more than that will affect your wake-sleep cycle.

If you cannot fall asleep in 20-30 minutes, get up, do something relaxing such as reading, writing or take a walk and come back when you are tired. Repeat till needed.


Increase Physical Activity And Managing Worries

 Exercising regularly increases your blood flow activity over the day, which results in better night sleep. Try being not too active during sleep time and spending some time outside every day might help with that.

Similarly having way too much on your mind during bedtime can mess up your sleep cycle. Try to resolve the issues, think about how you can tackle what`s on your mind and things you can`t find an answer for. Set it aside for tomorrow. Managing anxiety and worries might help. In this case, start with the basics, get organized, and list down tasks for the next day. Meditation can also help with anxiety.


Getting A Good Mattress

 While many people might say that a good mattress might not have a significant impact on our sleep cycle. We disagree the most, as the human body is likely to develop a sense of a familiar environment and is only at rest when it is certain of the fact that it is not in an unfamiliar or dangerous environment. Create a restful and comfortable environment. For most people, it means someplace dark, cool, comfortable yet familiar. And what better way to do so than get a mattress that makes us want to sleep. Every time you dive into it you do not want to get it. 

The only con of nectar mattresses is you might get too much sleep. They are specifically made by keeping in mind to enhance your sleeping cycle and make you fall asleep as quickly as possible. It has been termed as the number 1 e-commerce based store for mattresses. It might be the only decision on which you shouldn`t lose any sleepover. So jot down to their online store and get yourself one. Develop the familiarity of your brain with this mattress.


Take Into Account What You Eat

 Often our body behaves the way, depending upon what we ate earlier. Eating too little or too much can become a hindrance to your good night`s sleep. So try avoiding going to all-you-can-eat buffets before bedtime or just snacking through the movie. Instead, enjoy a proper dinner course before going to bed. 

In this regard also keep your hands off of nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. Their effect can take up to 2-4 hours to wear off and easily disrupt

your cycle. And sure alcohol makes you a little tipsy but it will disrupt the cycle in the middle of the night after which you might have trouble falling asleep again.


Use Of Social Media Or Screen

 In this age of technology, we all like to stay updated. Or scroll through our feed for passing time, getting new memes. Watching new content or just start binge-watching some shows on Netflix. All of this is okay unless you are doing it near bedtime. Because of all the mediums you use, these apps emit blue lights that can trick our minds into thinking that it is still daytime and eventually messing up our sleeping cycle.


You are not completely doomed if you turn and turn before falling asleep. It is very normal, so we thought to come up with this article that can help you improve your schedule and sleep period. Sticking to the aforementioned steps will have a positive outcome on your sleep cycle. The only condition is that you follow it long enough that it feels like a part of your routine.