Before exploring what Skimlinks is it is first important for us to understand what an affiliate and an affiliate network are. To keep it brief an affiliate is a website publisher. 

An affiliate program is a middle-guy for publishers and traders that make it easy for affiliates to find out and partake in techniques that work properly for their very own website. By doing so its far at the same time useful for each event because it permits websites to generate profits and it additionally enables the service provider to extend its attain to a brand new audience.


Skimlinks powers trade content material techniques for publishers. As the worlds biggest trade content material monetization platform It assists to develop a sales movement that may contribute a lot as 1 / 4 of a publishers average sales which enables publishers to be less dependent on advertising.

Their technology earns publishers a percentage of the income they make through product hyperlinks in trade-associated content material created through editors. The platform is a one-forestall answer imparting the technology and the data to start develop and efficiently scale a content trade method throughout desktop tablet and mobile.

The company was launched in London in 2007 by Australian co-founders Alicia Navarro and Joe Stepniewski. 

Skimlinks technology automates affiliation of your commerce content so you can focus on what matters: writing about brands and products for your audience. 




 Skimlinks interfaces 60000 distributers to 48500 vendors around the world. Skimlinks technology consequently gains distributers a share of deals they drive through monetized item links in commerce-related content. These links create income when clicked on by perusers who go on to create a buy as a result. In its stage Skimlinks offers a developing suite of inventive arrangements outlined to extend the number of clicks and profit per press of commerce-related content. It moreover aggregates access for publishers to over 60 associate systems empowering them to win a commission from 27000 dealers around the world right away. Yearly e-commerce exchanges in Skimlinks arrange totaled $1 billion in 2017. Clients incorporate over half of the beat 100 US & UK distributors by income counting Conde Nast Hearst Buzzfeed Huffington Post Trinity Reflect MailOnline and more.



 The company has discharged an assortment of devices to which clients have got to arrange to monetize their content. The most ones are as follows:

SkimLinks - The companies to begin with product. Discharged in 2008 it associates existing unaffiliated joins on a users location by including the following tag on click. 

SkimWords - The moment item within the Skimlinks suite. It went live in 2010 and employments common dialect preparing innovation to interface Particular expressions like item references and brand names to significant online retailers.

The Exhibits - They were discharged in May 2013 and are content-aware visual item shows that depend on innovation comparative to SkimWords in arrange to produce geo-targeted important item suggestions.

Skimlinks Editor - A Google Chrome expansion allows clients to know what vendors are within the Skimlinks organization and how much they pay for referrals. It too encompasses a price-comparison component permitting clients to see alternative purchasing options for the product they are browsing.


Audiences by Skimlinks - The companys most recent item Audiences by Skimlinks could be a second-party information co-op that produces the shopping-intent information produced from affiliated content accessible to marketers for planning targeting or announcing publicizing campaigns. 


Skimlinks moreover offers an arrangement of additional items just like the URL shortening of standard joins into monetizable links and Skim RSS which permits clients to associate joins in their RSS nourishes.



Signing up is easy

Skimlinks can mechanize your monetization

Access programs you have been declined for

You get 25000+ shippers to work with

No ought to ever once more make partner links

Excellent detailing options

Their UX is superior to numerous standard networks

Can get particular commission rates from a few vendors



They take a 25% cut of what you earn.

90-day installment timeframe.

Support features notoriety for being slow.

So what we have here is a special network thats simple to utilize on the off chance that you dont need to go down the course of physically setting up affiliate links on your site. You get a ton of merchants to work with and all you have got to do to form cash is include a few links to your pages. Something you already do.