Thanksgiving Made More Exciting


When celebrating the spirit of Thanksgiving, it doesn`t mean one has to stick to such sacraments associated with this day exclusively. This day is not about just standing as an audience for the parade, wearing pilgrim hats or feather headdresses, and then finally heading home in the evening to have a hefty meal that is filled till your throat. Instead, the spirit of this day is achieved when you`re truly happy and content as an American, and you try to live this holiday by sullying yourselves with happiness and enjoyment throughout the day.

What Can Make It More Exciting?

Surely for this time, you may have planned to cook a decent meal this Thanksgiving and might`ve pre ordered that huge turkey you`ve had your eye on. However, between all of that, we recommend you enjoy the day as it is not just about food. It would help if you had something to spice up this Thanksgiving festivities because most people have a high tolerance for elaborate activities on any holiday.

Here are some of the activities everyone, especially the kids, would enjoy on this blessed occasion:

Thanksgiving Bingo

Nothing gets everyone together in a single spot than a classic game Bingo. You may download the printable Thanksgiving theme cards online and give your day an exciting spin. Bingo is also available virtually online, where you can download and play very easily with your friends.

Veggie Tray

Any mom wanting to engage their kids in a creative activity while dinner is yet to be served may cater them with some healthy snacks before they dig in some buttered turkey.

Encourage the children to participate in making some artwork through the use of delicious veggies. It could involve carrots, greens, cabbages, and even yogurt. This would help stimulate their focus on more important things and aid in maintaining a balanced diet as they would be munching on plenty of calories sooner or later. This activity is relatively easy to organize as it doesn`t require much investment from the outside and can easily be done with things you already have available in your stock.

Playing Board games

These are slowly going down to history as contemporary people are engaged in the latest trends like video gaming and VR. Board games are a decent way to enjoy when there`s a crowd, and they help socialize people like no other game in this age of technology. This day is about family rather than sinking yourself in the smartphone all day or binging Netflix till dinner. This year some friends and family members have a nice Monopoly, Chess, or any board game that would help lift the mood.

Wear Thanksgiving Sweaters

Having to wear some turkey day themed sweaters adds to the fun. They are available especially around this occasion as many sellers feature some hilarious sweaters in their shops as they add to wholesome vibes throughout this day. Some may even allow you to customize your sweater with an artwork of your own choice.

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An Official Turkey day Movie

If you`re a family person, it is more likely for your family to have an official movie for this occasion. Most families have, and even if you don`t have it, you can make one. This is the day when most of the family members gather to make memories. They attach these memories to some intricate things like movies or board games.

It would be a sound decision to rewatch a movie that everyone enjoys watching on this specific day. After being done with the meal and the dishes, everyone can have a moment with some drama and comedy while having a nice hot cup of coffee or tea.

Crafting A Family Tree

This is surely something that would involve everyone in the house, no matter the age group. Families always bear the symbol of being the source of love and unity, and family trees tell us how close we are to one another.

Crafting your family tree bears the interest of everyone close to you, and it is more likely to grab the attention of everyone in the room. You can draft several ideas on how you may design it; it could be structured from pieces of cardboard or painted on a portrait or a wall to make it more extensive. Nevertheless, it would be something that brings everyone closer to participate and enough to keep them distracted from the smell of the turkey.