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  • 2024-02-24 2001:01:48

In the digital age, establishing a significant online presence has become important for individuals and businesses alike. Amidst multiple things that are required for a digital presence, web hosting services top the list. Web hosting services can impact the performance, accessibility, and overall success of a website. That said, for beginners with limited experience, a shared web hosting plan is ideal. The shared web hosting plans of Ultahost cater to a wide range of needs, budgets, and technical expertise of the customers. 

Here we have mentioned the 4 different types of web hosting plans offered by Ultahost. 

Ultahost Web Hosting Plans

Ultahost offers ultrafast and secure web hosting plans, with both managed and self-managed hosting. 

Here are the most common types of web hosting plans by Ultahosting.

Shared Starter

Get a secure, inexpensive shared starter plan that is easy to manage, and comes with  24 by 7 support with free DDOS protection. 

The following are the features of this plan.


  • The plan comes with 1 domain.

  • Allows 10,000 visits monthly. 

  • The plan provides 30 GB NVMe SSD to their users.

  • It also offers unlimited bandwidth.

  • Availability of free backups.

  • A facility for free domain transfer is also available.

  • Offers free SSL certificate.

  • Comes with free 30 day money back.

Buy Shared Starter just for USD 3.29 per month.


VPS Basic is the most competitive price hosting and offers unparalleled virtual server reliability and performance. Easy to manage and provides 24 by 7 assistance to their users.

The VPS Basic plan features are the following.

  • Comes with 1 CPU Core.

  • Offers 1 GB RAM.

  • Availability of  30 GB NVMe SSD. 

  • Provide a managed server. 

  • Comes with 1 IPv4 dedicated IP.

To avail of these features buy VPS BASIC just for USD 5.50 per month.


POWER Plus allows you to transform your website with the Best hosting plans, with unparalleled performance and security. This reliable plan comes at affordable prices and provides plenty of room to grow.

Following are the features of POWER Plus.

  • Offers 4 CPU cores. 

  • Comes with 8 GB RAM. 

  • Availability of 250 GB NVMe SSD. 

  • Comes with a managed server.

  • Offers unmetered bandwidth.

  • Provide a free 1 year SSL certificate.

Buy POWER Plus for just USD 37.50 per month.


ULTA 100 XEON plan provides you with the speed your website demands, supported by extreme performance. You can get dedicated resources and full control to accomplish your goals. 

Following are the features of ULTA 100 XEON.

  • Comes with CPU  6C, 12T, 2.80 3.20GHz 

  • Provide 2x 960GB SSD.

  • Availability of 64 GB RAM. 

  • Offers IP Addresses 1 IPv4. 

  • Provide a managed server.

To avail of these features buy ULTA 100 XEON just for USD 129.90.

These plans by Ultahost are dedicated to providing high quality and great digital experience. Whether you are going to plan big or small businesses, Ultahost provides flexible deployment options and custom configurations that will power your business.

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