What Are The Best Gaming Accessories For Beginners


Can Gaming Be Good For You?

Gaming has garnered immense popularity over the past decade and with the introduction of new and bolder accessories the experience does not stop getting better.It is no wonder that people enjoy and look forward to it as a way of distressing after a long day of work and catch up with online friends and community and to improve their cognitive ability. The pros of gaming are not hidden and while it is often disregarded as unsophisticated or a place of escape for couch potatoes. The benefits of video gaming are many to both children and adults. If you are unaware, here are some for you to jot down which have been backed by several studies.

  • It acts as a stress reliever, 
  • Developing problem-solving skills 
  • promotes healthy brain stimulation. 
  • Enhances manual dexterity.
  • Increases grey matter which is vital for muscle control, perception and memories.
  • Studies showed that kids who played video games had better social skills than those who did not.
  • The introduction of Virtual reality (VR) games are making people healthier.
  • It makes you more observant and enhances your eye for details.

  • It can make you more confident and increase your resistance to failures.

And If all these facts get you excited to build a gaming PC of your own, we would not blame you. Because I have been into gaming since my childhood, not only has it improved my skills but has helped me get better at my social skills. 

Nonetheless, a new gaming setup would not require tons of money but some wise choices and 5 minutes read of this article. As a beginner, you might be confused as to which accessories are good and how big of a role engnormics play in gaming. A good generic setup includes a good monitor, a comfortable headset with a good quality microphone, a seat that supports your back and does not mess with the spinal curve and a big desk with enough space to house a monitor and CPU with room to move around the mouse. And some extra space for a controller, speaker and headset.


Gaming monitors are a bit different from the usual monitors or screens you will encounter. It is designed for specifically gaming purposes i.e faster refresh rate and short response time. However, you might not even realize the difference though and can get by with a usual monitor. When it comes to competitive gaming the monitor can make a big difference as it has less input lag and better resolution, but as a beginner, you will do just fine with a normal monitor.

Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard is a personal preference when it comes to gaming.  As mechanical keyboards offer better tactically, are faster and have a significantly longer lifespan than normal keyboards. Using a normal keyboard for gaming will have you changing one every month as it will not be able to bear the intensity of keystrokes.

Some gamers also look for something more compact and accessible with a slick look and feel, because of its portable nature. 

It is easier to type on a mechanical keyboard when compared to membrane keyboards because its stronger feedback to typing and is more responsive to keystrokes. However, it costs significantly more and can range anywhere from $40-$200. The smarter choice here would be to opt for something in mid-range which delivers the best of both worlds such as Apex 3 or Apex 5.

Both of these offer water resistance against spills, customisable 10-zone RGB illumination which reacts to the game and premium magnetic wrist support for an enhanced gaming experience.


The Headsets of good quality make a lot of difference. The audio effect experience is crucial when it comes to gaming, even if you have speakers it can not match the level of experience that headsets deliver. The spatial audios and a good microphone both play an essential role especially when you are playing with your teammates. The better sound quality means you will be able to clearly hear the footsteps of your enemies and gunfire. It will limit disturbance caused by your environment and when playing overnight would not disturb your partners or family members. 

What gaming headset should you buy? Our recommendation would be to opt for something in the mid-price range one odio A71 over-ear headphones offers a complete experience with its plush leather exterior and lightweight nature. 1.2 m extendable mic and plug-in aux for better sound quality and less lag.

Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse often referred to as mice are designed keeping in mind the long use of the mouse. There are basically three kinds when it comes to mice each referring to your personal grip preference. Palm, Claw and Fingertip. You can further classify gaming mice into two types: ambidextrous and ergonomic.

Ambidextrous is often lighter in weight, less comfortable in long-term use, great for both dominant hands, and the best for shooters. However, ergonomics are heavier in nature and can only be used by right-handers and are more comfortable in long term.

What gaming mouse should you get? We would recommend taking your preferred grip into consideration and opting for ones that you are comfortable in but make sure to select a wired one as it will decrease latency (lag) which can make the difference between life and death in the virtual world.

Ergonomic Chair

Gaming sometimes means putting in long hours which can cause serious strain on your back. Cougar Explore S is as affordable as it gets with the variety of features it packs. Offering a bucket racing design for hours of comfortable seating and comes with side bolsters, cutouts for cushion straps, a high back and a headrest. The steel frame provides your back with firm support and makes it durable for long-term use.

The leather perforated covering over foam makes it more breathable which can become a real lifesaver with long hours of gaming. As usual leather chairs get really hot. It also comes with adjustable height and motions, with a reclining back for up to 155 degrees.