Why Do You Need To Make Multivitamins A Part Of Your Diet


Multivitamins have been around for over seven decades now. Yet many are still suspicious about its consumption and the benefits it entails. Some of you might have a general idea of what multivitamins are but are just as clueless about the uses of multivitamins. And in today`s blog post, we cleared the generally held misconception about multivitamins, who need them the most, which multivitamins are more essential for who, and where you can fetch yourself high-quality multivitamins.

What Are Multivitamins?

To live a healthy life, all of us are supposed to consume a healthy balanced diet. But let`s not live under the delusion that we abide by the beneficial diet principle. Like me, many of us are too occupied with our daily tasks that keeping an optimum diet is the least of our worries, eventually missing out on the essential nutrients that keep our body and mind in shape. 

This is where multivitamin comes in. They are combinations of different vitamins and nutrients that can be easily found in food and various other natural sources. It is used to fulfil the nutrient deficiency of our diets and treat vitamin deficiencies which can become the root cause of many illnesses, digestive disorders, and other conditions.

When Do You Need to Use Multivitamins?

You must realize that multivitamins build your immune system and increase your overall health. The diet we consume on a daily basis should deliver us carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and most of all, micronutrients, i.e., Vitamin B, C, D, iron, calcium, and potassium. Dr Newhouse said, "Your body needs carbohydrates and fats from food, and that`s where most of your energy comes from… Supplements should fill the rest of your needs where there may be nutritional gaps." 

The best way to figure out whether you need multivitamins is to get your whole blood checked by a healthcare professional. The results will tell you if your body is lacking any vital micronutrients.

Which Multivitamin Is Best for Women?

There are several issues with women that multivitamins can target. However, several individuals can achieve this by following a strict diet routine.

Nevertheless, the need for multivitamins increases significantly in case of pregnancies, chestfeeding, and breastfeeding. Nutrient deficiencies are expected during the growth period of the baby. In severe cases, it can create a lifelong impact.

As per the research, during the pregnancy period, the average nutrient intake is not up to the required level. Especially iron, vitamin D, and folic acid are some of the most vital micronutrients that women fall short off.

 D3 (Best For Bones)

D3 comes packed with the vitamins of the sun and delivers 125 mcg of the vital vitamin that your body requires to function well. The vitamin has gone through clinical trials and has shown promising signs of improving the overall bones, muscles, and teeth in the body. There are a couple of side benefits to its consumption, as well as it improves the cardiovascular system and cognitive abilities while boosting your immune system.

Which Multivitamin Is Best For Men?

Men and women are built differently. Therefore, our body requires different amounts of nutrition and vitamins. Because, unlike women, men do not have to suffer through menstruation which often leads women to lose significant amounts of blood and causes anemia. Nonetheless, men in their old age are at greater risk of developing nutrient deficiencies, the major ones being vitamin D and B12. 

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Omega 3 fish oil itself has a lot of benefits to any gender but especially when it comes to men. Not only does it enhance their performance and improve sperm count, but it also decreases the risk of developing prostate cancer. In addition, it aids in protecting the body against heart-related diseases by improving the cardiovascular system in the body using antioxidants. It also improves the overall cognitive function and helps in enhancing the immune system. 

Low antioxidants are the cause of several health-related problems. They can potentially damage the cell membrane while deflating the cellular function. Omega fish three oil restores the damaged cell membranes while optimizing cellular function.

How we Narrowed Down The list of Vitamins

These are generic vitamins that women and men can take to improve their whole quality of life. Both the multivitamins, i.e., For men and women, were picked by using the following criteria.

  • Professionals hand-picked each of the vitamins and recommended them to women and men several times.

  • Each vitamin ingredient is clinically approved and sourced, and produced in America. So they are not artificial and do not contain any fillers.

  • Both the Vitamins come with a 365 days satisfaction guarantee.

  • These options are generic suggestions based on the capabilities of multivitamins. They have shown promising signs of improving the health of both genders. However, it`s not a substitute for a medically garnered look by a professional.

  • Both the vitamins are soy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and preservative and have the backing of professionals as well as consumers. 

Where To Buy Multivitamins

The question still remains about where to find quality multivitamins for both men and women after doing my due diligence and cramming through the reviews of hundreds of individuals. One of the most effective platforms for multivitamins I found is essential elements nutrition. Unlike most organizations, they are true to their words and believe in the backing of science. But what makes them unique is each one of their vitamins have over hundreds of reviews from real people and their mindset of being honest with the customer pool they are catering to. The founder of essential elements nutrition said, "We`re over it. Companies taking full credit for unobtainable weight loss, muscle gain, achievement of wellness goals.. and we`re not here to be quiet about it. At Ee, we acknowledge there is so much more that goes into wellness than the flick of a pill in the morning."

You can browse through their web page to find out multivitamins focusing on the particular issue you are facing, but make no mistake as taking multivitamins can be good for your health. Still, it is not a substitute for doctors` consultation.