Why Emirates Is The Best When It Comes To Customer Experience


The airline industry is a cutthroat competition with over 350 major airlines operating in the world, being the best is a tough job and so is customer retention. After all, the whole atmosphere is filled with rivalry where each organization aims to become the best for consumers.

While talking about customer experience at Executive Q&A at Emirates, the senior vice president for retail and contact centers worldwide for Emirates said “They start with reservations, and they go to check-in, and then they get on board. That’s a customer journey within itself and there are variables and levers that you need to manage to deliver the right experience”

Nonetheless, for every organization, a great customer experience is on top of their priority list. However, many organizations Over the last couple of years have heard several incidents which make users question the very existence of the concept of customer care by airlines. We saw people being thrown off a flight because their seat was to be given to a crew member. An airline canceling their flights affected well over three hundred thousand people and many more for which the people never received formal apologies.

What Do The Customers Expect?

Customers want their voices to be heard and problems to be resolved as quickly as possible. It is the basic bar that should be met by each of the airlines in the industry yet many fall short. When it comes to their expectations customers are usually looking for two things.

1. No Communication Gap

Communication is a key factor when it comes to air travel. Language barrier poses the biggest threat, which is why airlines need to accommodate their customers accordingly. Similarly whilst no one likes to wait and delays effective communication can easily tone down the irritation of problems. 

Emirates one of a kind customer management system is an example for every airline to follow. More than 50% of customers use the app to check-in saving time and for a seamless travel experience. The same app keeps the user updated about their flights, any delays, and weather updates that might decide the course of flights. The application garners over a hundred thousand credible reviews from its users.

It also caters to 44 countries and caters to over 17 languages to promote effective communication. The organization has over 2200 people employed just for the sole purpose of answering calls and making the whole process for customers effortless.

2. Cater to The Needs Of Individuals

The services rendered by an airline do not just include giving them information and updates. But several factors go into play including the flight crew members, their behavior, and the quality of food being served. How Flight attendants respond in case of an accident and various other factors. Airlines should be able to listen to each customer at an individual level and try to provide a personalized experience.

But there is an airline that is raising the standard for its predecessors to follow. No wonder the name comes up often due to its impeccable flight crew members. Who is nothing but polite? The food is always top-notch delivering quality taste, that will have you licking your fingers and hygiene taken care of. Regardless of which class of airline you are traveling to, the customer experience with Emirates will give you a feeling of royalty. 

As far as the personalized experience is concerned, I and my friends were traveling from Germany to the USA and just to make the experience memorable we were all twinning wearing the same shirts. The flight attendant took notice and got us photographs making the experience personalized for us. 

Why Is Customer Service So Important To Emirates?

Emirates believes that the success of their airlines relies on the happiness and comfort they can bring into the lives of their consumers. It is solely because of the flexibility the users enjoy that has landed the airline at number 4 on Skytrax`s best airlines of 2022 listings. Since March 2020 Emirates has helped 92000 who didn`t want to travel exchange their tickets for travel vouchers which are still thought for many airlines. These vouchers can be redeemed in the future, from the 92000 customers 38000 have already redeemed their credits for travel purposes. Emirates has also been a great platform to offer refunds to people not wanting to travel anymore. Ever since the pandemic, the airline itself has returned payments for 3.3 million enhancing their goodwill and trust in the customers for the future. 

Moreover, its users enjoy several benefits not only on the flight but if you are a frequent user of the platform you can also reap benefits from the Emirates stewardship program. The airline continuously rolls out packages in consideration of students studying abroad. Its data-driven decision-making and listening to customer feedback have made Emirates capable enough to make enhancements to the overall customer experience.