Wondershare Filmora Review


The world of marketing is changing, at first you could have just done Search engine optimization and content marketing was enough but as the paradigm of marketing is more and more towards visual representation of data, it is high time that marketing strategists start including videos to promote their products and brands. If video is not already an essential part of your content strategy, chances are you are going to adopt it in the near future. With over 51 % of marketeers claiming it to be the best medium and type of content to engage and raise awareness to potential buyers about the relevant platform. 

If you are looking to boost your organic traffic, then adapting to video marketing is not a choice any more, it is more of an adapt or die kind of situation. However, you do not need to worry whether you are an expert in this particular arena, as there is multiple software out there which are easy to operate and can result in optimum videos for you. The aim of today`s article is to keep you ahead in the game, so we will let each software speak for itself.


Filmora Video Editor is verified safe by many software and IT-specialists as it involves a constructed and well-defined process which refines any malware having susceptibility to harm your pc. The software’s installation and execution file go through a security scan from Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Antimalware. The software installation file is already available in their official website where a user could download an original version of Filmora which is guaranteed tested for malware. Hence it is highly advisable to refrain from using third part resources and have a stable installation file available down at the web shop. The installation file allows a user-friendly installation process without disrupting your computer system with the burden of downloading and installing additional files, software or add-ons.


The software allows a basic free version and a premium version. The basic version has plenty of features but the premium subscription would get you all the features and latest updates for the software. The major drawback of the basic version is that it leaves FIlmora’s watermark at the bottom of the exported video.

The premium version is available at two different packages. One is from where the software is obtained through a one-year license for approximately forty dollars annually, or through a lifetime subscription for approximately seventy dollars. The license key is also recoverable is case of misplacement or any other cause deemed reasonable.

Editing Platform

The feature that has given an edge to Filmora is its easy user interface where multiple tools could be accessed and rehearsed upon without the need for tutorials and additional training. The drag-and-drop interface allows an easier content management, and you could browse through multiple added facets that assist you in making your content more appealing.

Additionally, there are advanced video editing elements available that would make your project in line with the competition and further customizable elements on which you could give a go. Although the user interface can get a little difficult when a user tries to utilize plenty of features and gives a little hard time dealing with certain routine processes, but it’s an overall win-win for managing media elements.

Content Import

When it comes to supporting various file formats, this software doesn’t disappoint. Filmora has an impressive compatibility with multiple file formats that could be imported into the software. However, the functionality can get a little sketchy when you try to import files through other methods, but surprisingly it works fairly well with social media accounts.

Screen Recording

Filmora’s screen-recording feature is considered to be one of its game-changers for users wanting to record desktop tutorial videos and walkthroughs. It relieves the user of having to download an additional screen recording application since its screen-recording function consists all the major features complimenting any usual screen-recording software. Also, the output is directly exported to a specified media folder from where it can be directly imported into a Filmora’s current project.

 Adding visual effects to the video is conventionally assumed to be a complex task but not with Filmora where you can find pre-determined set of visual effects options. They could be tried through three different modes of the software; Easy Mode, instant cutter and action cam tool. Through its visual effects feature, you have the independency to manipulate and customize different clips with various functionalities.

Overall, it is a good and cheap video editor, particularly for freebies and newbies. It has a fairly decent user interface that could help anyone wanting to set their hands straight and get to know the video-editing industry in a progressive approach. The software company consistently updates and supports its users of all the major developments surrounding Filmora.