ZTE Axon30 5g Review



The ZTE Axon30 has entered the market as an ultimate 5g smartphone with multiple enhancements in its prevailing features. Hailing as an inheritor of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor technology, it has achieved multiple performance milestones. Complemented with an under display camera, that is concentrated towards attaining high resolution transparent displays and breaking boundaries of personalized photography.

Apart from these, the handset consists of an Android 11 technology, 6.92 inch display panel, high speed RAM with 8Gb memory, 65W Quick charge 4200 mAh battery, and an in display fingerprint. 


Qualcomm Snapdragon 870

Qualcomm technology has allowed this tech to achieve high speed internet connectivity, increased data capacity, and accessibility. The handset comprises of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 process that is supported by 5G technology and boosted performance.

Its insanely fast 5G processor can deliver high speed connectivity up to 7.5 Gbps. It has capabilities of heavy duty computing up to 3.2 GHz and a Premium AI engine pushing the efficiency limits to extreme levels.

For gaming applications, it possesses HDR game rendering and up to date GPU drivers for enhanced graphics experience. In terms of connectivity, it delivers Wifi 6 and robust Bluetooth connectivity that supply quick and highly responsive audio transmissions.

Under Display Camera

An under display camera or UPC/USC is a product of a cutting edge research and development in which a camera is hidden behind the display panel of the handset. The prime objective of this technology is to give the smartphone a screen display touching all four edges with no scenic disruptions on the mobile phone`s beauty.

ZTE Axon30 is unbeatably the first phone to acquire this technology and the first commercially available technology possessing the technology. This technology has given Axon30 a clear cut competitive edge over other smartphone manufacturers in the race of Research and Development. Though this is the first of its kind, but there are still further developments underway on this tech to fennel out more drawbacks surrounding conventional cameras on smartphones.

Multi Camera

This mechanism has been prevalent in contemporary smartphones since subsequent to digital zoom technology, many smartphones have opted to assemble optical zoom technology which is assisted by dual lens and sensor design concentrated towards rear end cameras.

Since it has been associated with Axon30, the multi camera mechanism has allowed the handset to take vivid pictures with high focal lengths. Furthermore, the mobile phone can have multiple zoom options, better HDR displays at high brightness, portrait modes, 3d modules, and photography in dim light conditions.

VC Cooling System

Vapor Chamber Cooling System, also known as `VC Cooling system`, is a mechanism that is associated with cooling discrete surfaces or sources of eating. They comprise of VC plates that tend to collect heat from larger area sources and it either spreads the collected heat or cools it down by submersing the heat onto a cold rail. For these features, this tech is applied towards electronic chips that have the capability of releasing high flux heat.

Hence, to offset the heat released from the electronic chip assembled inside the smartphone, VC Cooling has been installed. Having installed this system has enabled Axon30 to cool multiple components inside that release high flux heat waves, resist the freeze thaw accumulation, highly compatible and optimal choice for applications that result in releasing high flux heats on the motherboard and their inability to be affected by thermal cycling.

However, the smartphone on which VC Cooling system is to be installed has to meet certain conditions and parameters for the purpose of determining its compatibility on the device.

Android 11

As always, android is popularly generalized as an exceedingly user friendly software amongst smartphones having done constant and regular updates on its user interface as it prevails. For the most convenient user friendly experience, Axon30 has adopted Android 11 for maximum productivity.

One of the prime features of Android 11 is its ability to manage multiple conversations into a single interface. You can see your notifications, respond to them and organize them across multiple direct messaging applications or applications having the concerned feature. You can also categorize these conversations according to their priority on the lock screen so that you may never miss important updates. You can also manage these conversations as bubbles appearing as shortcuts on your screen in whichever place you like as you continue to use other functions.

Second is the most awaited screen recording feature which renders the use of external screen recording applications as useless as it is in built with the Android 11. The third is the smart reply feature that`s an exclusive service assisted by Artificial Intelligence that can predict intelligence based responses so that the phrases you want to type through the keyboard are already available on the screen.

Furthermore, it offers a single platform from where all the connected devices could be organized and controlled. For managing the security and privacy of the device, the Android 11 features multiple security updates and gives restricted access to all the applications where the user has complete sovereignty to choose which applications can have access to which data.

Overall, the operating system pairs perfectly with ZTE Axon30 owing to its user friendly features.

Critical Response

The tech gurus have applauded several features of this device that have com off great in the market. The under display camera, as predicted, has received widespread criticism for its unique mechanism. It`s a unique experience as it`s an upgraded feature of its predecessor smartphone, ZTE Axon30.

It has a more powerful processing capability owing to Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 and its display is void of any interruptions due to its under display camera technology. Axon30 also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms to tackle the effects of light refraction through the screen.

Although a bit uninspiring in some other aspects, the general criticism resolves as it being a good step towards introducing cutting edge features in an upgraded version.